Thursday, July 7, 2011

want to Make a Movie?

Indie film production slated to shoot in the North Okanagan in 2011/2012 seeks inventive volunteers, passionate about movies.

Would you like to make a movie with us?
We sure could use some help.
It's not my first time out, but it's my first time taking it seriously.
Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into...

(you might have some skill not on this list, willing to share.)
(you might have no experience at all, this is fine, I'll teach you)

Camera Operator: Some video or photo experience would be nice. You will be shooting with a Panasonic DVX100. (Which shot "Cloverfield" and "It's always sunny in Philadelphia.")

Lighting Technician: All lighting will be provided. Most of the film will be in augmented natural light and use reflectors. So have strong arms.

Script Supervisor: DAWN TAYLOR will make sure we don't do anything stupid.

Production Designer: You help create the "look" of the film by addressing whatever it is we point the camera at. Another set of eyes, interpreting the story through pictures is always an asset. You might add or subtract props, light, set decorations, costume, makeup, etc to get the right look for a scene.

Sound Technician: (Sounds better than "boom operator.") This job sounds boring. You hold the long microphone stick. But simple as it sounds, you are the most important person here and your job is the easiest to screw up. My mics pick up everything, you must be very still and quiet. Being strong helps but I have braces.

Props Master: Are you crafty, resourceful, organized? Well you might be able to wrangle up our props for us.

Practical Special Effects: (On set FX) Oh yes, there will be blood! Buckets and buckets o' blood. Start making it now, I'm serious! Also, wounds, cuts, broken limbs and general "dirtiness." PLUS SMOKE, lots of smoke.

Stunts: Can you fall down? Look like you're getting hit in the face with a shovel? Maybe fight a bit? We're looking for you!

Weapons Wrangler: JONATHAN BENNETT

Original Score: KEVIN MACLEOD

Dolly Grip / Camera Assistant: We're going to need someone to push us around in a wheelchair, among other things.
Post Special Effects: (Computer FX) I'm getting better at compositing, but I'm not very artistic, and by no means experienced at it. If you are, I really, really want to talk to you.

Editor: I'm an experienced editor but I would like another experienced editor's opinion, if you are interested in co-credit, call me.

Production Assistants: Don't have any particular film skills? Want to learn some? Trust me, we'll find something for you to do.
It's easy and fun. Call me, I appreciate enthusiasm!

Associate Producer(s): Want to see your name in lights by merely giving me money? I'm very pleased to meet you and we do offer gross points on our films. (Meaning, if our films make money, you make money.)

and of course ACTORS and EXTRAS, we need lots of them. Scroll down to read the open call for actors.

Contact me now. Let's make a movie.

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