Friday, March 2, 2012

Try to push a boulder up a hill....

Hello everyone, sorry I've been gone so long.
I was making the Bite
(And I was waiting for spring.)
So now I can put my energies into Battle at Beaver Creek.
It has recently come to my attention that people are actually reading this site, so that's good.
Why are you all so shy? Leave a note. Email me. Call me.
Ask questions, demand involvement, whatever...
At any rate, I'm glad you're here.

The good news is, I'm pushing BABC to feature length, we'll be shooting for 80 or 90 minutes.
The bad news is, I'm not anywhere nearer to shooting the battle.

Not cool. In fact, without the battle scene, we have no film.
This is why I'm shooting the battle first.
Until the battle is right, the rest of the film is irrelevant.

Here's what I'm searching for. (And I'm searching...)

A cliff or very steep hill, overlooking a field (of battle.) Around that field should be some kind of cover, preferably trees.

The field doesn't have to be huge, but it should be a few hundred yards at absolute minimum.

There is a sniper on the cliff/hill, there's dozens of corpses in the field as well as men fighting, (old school,) and men run in and out of the woods, for the purposes of killing each other.

The spot has to reasonably quiet, as it's supposed to be in the Yukon wilderness. (So no mill nearby, no highway, no bird sanctuary...)

The spot has to be on private property, so that we can get permission to film, for free*.

If you know of such a place, please get a hold of me.
The film is on hold until we find it.

However, this doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work to be done.
I would like to "practise" shooting fighting scenes, in the mean time.
I have a list with over 100 guys (and a few girls) who want to be in this film. (Which is great by the way. Thanks for signing on and thanks to Adel for finding you.)
So this is a test of the emergency Battle Scene group:

If you want to fight, fall, die and move, on camera, for my tests. Get a hold of me now. We'll arrange to meet at some park and pretend to hit each other with boards, etc....

There are multiple ways to get ahold of Brian.
Leave a comment below with your contact info.
If you have facebook go here
If you have an emailing machine it's brian_taylor(at)
If you have a telephone dial two five oh 3073352
If you live in the vernon area, stop into Dulux Paints 4309 27St
(Brian's day job.)

Thanks for everyone's interest.
Let's get to work making this movie!

*Free, doesn't necessarily mean there's no money involved.

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