Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still lookin' for a battlefield...

We've been given free access to Silver Spur Trails near Lumby BC, which is a beautiful and wild spot to visit and film. Thank you Yrene for your very generous offer, we're all happy and excited to be able to use your land, (and even your home!)

However, although Silver Spur Trails has rocks, cliffs, fields and tonnes of forest, it still lacks the perfect "cliff with battlefield below with woods around" combination. Therefore, before we change the script, (again,) I'm still putting out the call for anyone who might know of a place for us to film our battle.

Please scroll down to the artists rendering of what we're looking for.
If you know of such a place, please get in contact with or phone 250 307 3352
Thank you.

Here are some shots from Silver Spur Trails...

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