Monday, September 24, 2012

An Update

Hey everyone, it's time for an update.
Things have been going very well on the film, progress is slow, but this is a matter of scheduling, not a question of skill or commitment. We are, after all, volunteers and quality can't be rushed.
I'm very close to being completely finished with 2 minutes of film, so far.
It looks and sound great.
I'm currently working on about twenty-five mintues of film. 
When it's done, (which is going to take weeks,) it will be awesome, based on what I've got at the moment.

As soon as I have something cool, that is completely finished, I'll put it up with a private, password protected link to the video. Cast and Crew will have access.

In the meantime, please everyone hang in there. In a perfect world, I figure we have 21 days of shooting to go. So it could be 40 days of shooting. We're currently shooting 3 or 4 days a month. We will be shooting for a long time. As much as we can outside before colours change too much, or the snow flies. Hopefully some interiors over the winter. Then we won't be able to do anything again, until at least July of next year, when things get "summery."

I realise it's hard to keep excitement up over such an extended period of time, but I think you'll all be pleased with what I'll be able to show you in the coming weeks.
Everyone should be proud of what they've done. I am.

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