Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BABC wraps for 2012

Due to the change in the weather, which of course changes the look of the film, we are wrapping Battle at Beaver Creek for 2012.

Since our first shoot date August 11, we have shot (nearly) four scenes. We have about 40 minutes "in the can."

Everyone has worked very hard and the results, (although most of you haven't seen them,) are great.
We can all be proud.

Starting in January, I will begin arranging our new shooting dates.
We have two interior scenes to do:
The "town full of widows."
the "Lindsays' farm" scenes.

The first will require many women and children, the second will require the casting of Lindsay, Terran's sister. Lindsay must be in her 30s, blonde and be able to cry. (Haven't found her yet...)

In the meantime, there will continue to be little snippets released as editing and processing move forward.

Thank you all, I'll be in touch.
Brian Taylor


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