Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeking new locations

Hi Gang!

We are currently seeking two locations for BABC: to shoot in Jan/Feb.

1.) We need a simple rural home, prefereably a trailer or mobile home. It needs to be alone on a bit of property. It would be great if it was on a farm of some sort. It would also be great if it looked like kids lived there, maybe a swingset in the yard or something.
This location will need to be used one day as an interior, sometime in Jan/Feb. Then one more day in the summer when we shoot a little girl playing in the yard. (Shoot with a camera!)

2.) We need "a meeting place." It could be a church, cafe, bar, small hall, anything really. As long as it has a communal feel and can comfortably hold 20 or 30 people. We should only need it for one day. Interiors only. Jan/Feb.

If you might know of places that fit the bill, please contact Brian at 250 307 3352 or


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