Friday, August 28, 2020

Amazon Prime CENSORS Battle at Beaver Creek in the UK and US

 Amazon Prime has removed Battle at Beaver Creek from Amazon Prime in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

When asked why the film was removed from the streaming service where it has been enjoyed thousands of times for six years and maintained a 3/5 star rating, Amazon delivered its form letter response which stated something like, "Amazon continuously listens to its viewership on matters of quality and reserves the right to remove content that's not up to snuff."

I wrote Amazon, (attempting to get an actual Amazon employee, not a data entry operator,) but of course, that doesn't work. Amazon doesn't care about providing quality art. It only cares about making money and if your film isn't making money, they don't care about your film. I received the same form letter in response. 

I wrote another letter and addressed it to an Amazon employee that helped me set up my En Queue Film account with Amazon Prime six years ago. That employee no longer works at Amazon. I tracked him down and he said, "I'm not surprised Amazon pulled your film, its Anti-American. Amazon is pulling all kinds of political content in 2020."

Enjoy my film for free above or at youtube, until youtube loses its mind as well.

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