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Film will premiere on this website Dec 21 2014

Running Time: 82 minutes
Exhibition Format: DVD, Blu-Ray, other digital formats are possible.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: SD/HD
Languages: English, Mandarin, Russian (with English subtitles)
Year of Completion: 2014
Filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

En Queue Film - Brian C. Taylor
(250) 307-3352


LOG LINE World War III will be fought for your mind.

At the end of the 21st Century,
exhausted by war and
damned by climate change,
oil becomes a commodity
to precious to waste on the public.
Trade and Transport comes to an end.
Nations turn inward.
One nation choses to make use of a new technology to ensure peace and productivity, controlling the minds of its citizens.
Many of those citizens flee, suffering withdrawal symptoms, many die...
Those that survive live on to fight the mind control technology known as the WEFI,
until the WEFI is brought to the fight,
at the Battle of Beaver Creek.

Terran, a young man living with his Sister and her Daughter in Whitehorse, walks to the tiny community of Beaver Creek, Yukon, situated on the Alaska border.

He believes fighting with the ragtag Yukon Militia, against the unknown invaders, makes more sense than waiting for the invaders to make it to their farm.

On his journey, Terran meets Newman, a talkative, innocent and generous teenager who has been sent to the front to collect his Father.
Terran and Newman travel together, encountering mysterious powerful forces from the old world as well as those from the new.

They arrive at the battle to find the Militia in a dire, desperate situation against the unknown force. But an even more dangerous and damaging threat stands in the way of everything Terran is fighting for... 


Off-Centre Magazine May 2013 volume 14 issue 5
by Dennis Stranack, who was also an extra on the day we filmed the battle scene.

"Battle at Beaver creek is alarmingly ambitious."
"Taylor has a lot to say about the forming of our intentions by what he calls outside forces, although he's talking about the governments we elect from among us, the corporations we're free to form if we... can do it. A lot to say about the presentation and blending of the symbols that illustrate our society."
"The American government of Taylor's future - in a slight exaggeration of Taylor's present - has sealed its borders and engineered complete mind control over it citizens. And damned if the trains aren't running on time. There's no poverty, do dissent, no unemployment - oh, and no poetry, no individuality no creativity. This is a film about manipulation."

"Battle at Beaver Creek is one of those weird, cultish independent films that... makes you ponder the big questions and see life a bit differently. "
"What’s incredibly interesting about Battle at Beaver Creek is... the general intelligence and entertainment of this very good movie." 

- Amy R. Handler


Brian C. Taylor is a writer and filmmaker. Brian began making films with his high school friends in the 80s with an old full size VHS video camera. They were terrible, but also a lot of fun. In the 30 year period since, Brian has spent a lot of time writing, playing music and working on other things, mostly living life. Then, in about 2009 when he noticed major motion pictures being made with digital video, he decided to dive back in.

En Queue Film was incorporated in 2011. It is an all-volunteer (deferred payment) film production company that Brian runs from his home in Vernon, BC Canada.
Battle at Beaver Creek is their first feature, after producing several short films and music videos.

William Tims is a graduate of the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna B.C. William has been a crew member on dozens of major motion pictures (Godzilla, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,) filmed in the province as well as operating Enigmatic Films, his own production company. William brought his extensive knowledge to bear as director of photography for Battle at Beaver Creek.

Kora Vanderlip has been either behind the camera, directing or writing screenplays since she first picked up a camera at the age of nine. At 16, her multiple award winning short films have screened locally, nationally and internationally. Kora worked on BABC as camera operator as well as the principal production assistant.


Matt Brown is an actor and director with a BFA from UBC in Vancouver, he portrays the main character of Terran. When he's not directing award winning plays (The Woman in Black) or appearing in major motion pictures (Flicker,) Matt owns and operates the Hub Arts Collective in Vernon BC, where he educates and entertains locals with classes and performances.

 Sheldon Graham is a grade twelve student and senior member of Vernon's 27th Street Theatre, run by Seaton High School. Sheldon has a natural and studied acting ability beyond his years and really sunk his teeth into the role of the talkative Newman, a character that starts the film as a boy and ends it as a man. Sheldon plans to continue studying acting at university.

Corky McMechan had limited acting experience prior to being cast in the role of McKintry in Battle at Beaver Creek; it has been almost 40 years since he was in the cast of the Vernon Powerhouse’s 1974 production of Macbeth. The retired designer and businessman from Vernon enjoys pursuits and challenges that stretch his boundaries.

 Lana O'Brien is the President of the Association of BC Drama Educators and Drama teacher for Seaton High's 27th St. Theatre in Vernon. Her role as Terran's sister Lindsay made use of her professionalism, preparation and acting ability.

Michael Fullerton is a mild-mannered software designer by day, living in Coldstream BC. By night he enjoys writing, ofttimes acerbically, about science, skepticism and science-based spirituality when not spending time with family. Michael had a small part in Tony Scott's Andromeda Strain before taking on the important role of Kevin, leader of the Yukon militia. 
Asia Jong is a second year Arts student at UBC. Asia has always enjoyed performing, whether it be on the ice with figure skates or on the stage, singing and acting. She has particularly enjoyed performing with the Asparagus Community Theatre in Armstrong

FAQ with Filmmaker Brian Taylor

Who are you? What is this film? Why should we care?
I'm Brian C. Taylor, En Queue Film is my production company. Battle at Beaver Creek is our first feature. It is a philosophical commentary on war and choice, wrapped up in a cool, Sci-Fi movie full of conspiracy theories and iconic imagery. It takes place in a scary but plausible future. BABC was made by over 100 volunteers during a two year period and was produced for just under $9,000. It breaks all the rules of the "first feature." It has stunts, VFX and 92 extras!

What problems are associated with no-budget filmmaking?
Having to do everything with as little money as possible. Imagine having to get almost one hundred extras together on more than one occasion, when they're not being paid, when the work is hot and violent, in the dead of summer, in the middle of nowhere. Then stretch that problem over two summers and fight with continuity. We prepped the first half of 2012 to use 92 people for three days shooting in August. The next year we filmed everything else one afternoon at a time, often driving longer than we were shooting.

What would you have done differently if you could start again?
Nothing. The reason we made Battle at Beaver Creek, as opposed to some other, easier "talking head" movie is that I wanted to make the movie I wanted to see. At the beginning of the film it's apparent that BABC is different but by the time the film concludes, you are so engrossed that you have forgotten where the film came from. For me, that's a success.

What's it like to work with both professional and amateur actors and/or crew?
Rewarding and challenging. The pros know what they're doing and come prepared, but we often do things non-traditionally, so a flexibility is required. The amateurs require more instruction and rehearsal but that just provides the opportunity to get things right before I say "Action." The No-budget filmmaker must get what he needs from what is possible, which is often limited by the real world. It's a matter of problem solving.

How did you come up with the WEFI?
The Wireless Emotive Function Interface is the mind control device used in Battle at Beaver Creek. It's based on the very real phenomenon of magnetic mind control, (or rather lack of control,) that has been featured on science shows for a few years now. Basically, some scientist zaps your brain with a magnet and you forget your name, or how to tie your shoes.

How did you make your Supersoldier giant and MKUS tiny?
McKintry, the giant American supersoldier, is a throwback. He pines for a time when men dropped out of helicopters and sought out their enemy to kill them the old fashioned way, from within range. He's made to look bigger than he is with platforms and forced perspective. The MKUS, (the little guys) are genetically modified clones, small because they don't need to fight and portability is a priority. They're also officers as young as 12 because they are reared by the military. They were portrayed by children.

For more information please contact Brian Taylor or 250 307 3352 

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