the Production

Battle at Beaver Creek is the first feature film produced by En Queue Film.
It is a film by Brian C. Taylor, based on his short story published in 2010.

The film began pre-production in the fall of 2010.
Camera's rolled (for tests, some of which became part of the finished film) in the summer of 2011. Casting, locations, acting and stunt rehearsals also began in the summer of 2011.
Principal photography of the film began in August of 2012 and wrapped in the fall of 2013.
(With a winter interrupting us.)

All post-production was completed by February 2014.

Battle at Beaver Creek has a cast of 92. A crew of 20, (usually 4 or 5 on set at one time.)
It cost just under $9000 Cdn to produce.

Our volunteers (who work under deferred payment contracts) spent 1000's of man hours producing the film. It was filmed in and around the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. In the woods, in the valleys, in the Rockies, and even a little bit in the Yukon and China.

Please watch this entertaining and informative film The Making of Battle at Beaver Creek, by Kora Vanderlip, for the full, true and amazing story of how we made our movie.


To learn more about the making of Battle at Beaver Creek, simply start scrolling through older posts on this blog site.

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