WWIII will be fought for your mind

It's the near future. Only the powerful have oil. America uses forbidden mind control technology to keep productivity up and crime down, at the price of no longer producing any art or culture, beyond the art of war. 

In downtown Shanghai, an area blocks-wide around the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army hacking unit, one million people simultaneous commit suicide after going into a trance. 

Two unmanned aircraft are hijacked and used to bomb military and strategic targets in Alaska, which starts a giant forest fire. It's a lot warmer in the future. Alaska is more populated.

Two young Canadian men, Terran and Newman, make the dangerous decision to defend their Yukon homes against an unknown invading force that has crept through Alaska. 

The invading force appears to be "mixed Russians, mostly Chechens."
But with no oil, there's no machinery, no trade, it's difficult to supply a militia, or a rebel army for that matter. Everybody is running out of bullets...

Terran and Newman face strange forces in a weird paranoid world, sometimes it's difficult to tell whether or not things are real.

They find corpses as they walk empty, overgrown roads to the Battle at Beaver Creek.

They arrive just in time to find the unnamed Russian force charging in. 
Men have to fight with sticks and rocks, it's ugly.

Suddenly, everyone freezes up, going into a trance.
The American MKUS unit has arrived. 

Giant Supersoldiers are in charge setting diminutive clones into action separating the "good" guys from the "bad" guys, as best they can.

As the sun goes down, McKintry, towering over everyone else, has a philosophical conversation about war and choice with Terran, who is suspiciously able to communicate while everyone else is frozen. 

McKintry concludes the "Canadian" must be an American defector or a spy.

When Terran and Newman wake the next morning, along with the remaining men on the battlefield, they decide to go home, angry that they can't remember what happened. 

Although Terran has a pretty good idea...

American satellites continue to control from above...

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