Why you should watch Battle at Beaver Creek

It's a strange trip through a paranoid future world where your thoughts might not be your own. 
It's beautiful, subtle, extreme and disturbing.
It's unlike anything you've ever seen.
You can watch it over and over and learn something new with every viewing.
It's funny, sad, calming, exciting, scary and maddening. 
It's a social commentary about war, choice and America.

Review from member karmicecstacy

"Battle at Beaver Creek is a movie that speaks to my generation. It may be a science fiction film. But its plot is ripped directly from the headlines of today. In an age where deception is easy and all information has to be gone over with a fine tooth comb, where technology is slowly turning us into interconnected zombies who feed off of Facebook instead of brains, Battle at Beaver Creek is a rallying cry, a message from the not too distant future. Will we heed it? Or will this prophetic vision come true.

Everything in this movie is already happening. Just go out and read a newspaper and any tech site on the internet. All the technological, science fiction elements are firmly grounded in reality. If you are a fan of realistic science fiction or a conspiracy theory enthusiast like myself. Hell, even if you just like good movies and do not care about the broader aspects of the film. Do yourself a favor and see this movie.

The camera work and directing are above average. From the masterful opening scene, to the battle the movie is named after, Brian Taylor proves he has the keen eye of a director. Especially considering this is his first feature length film. I can not wait to see what Taylor can do with a bigger budget. This movie is fantastic multiplied by amazing. It is fantazing.

The only negative thing I have to say, is that the movie is obviously low budget. However the movie wears its heart on its sleeve. So while some of the special effects are occasionally distracting, the multiple strengths of the movie allow one to easily overlook this tiny flaw. When you have a story this enticing, special effects come second. It is hands down the best indie science fiction film I have seen."

- Karmicecstacy is a member of, a website that is featured in the film.
Her review was chosen when select ATS members were granted early access to the film. 
Thanks, Karmicecstacy!

Review from Amy Handler at

 "Battle at Beaver Creek is one of those weird, cultish independent films that... makes you ponder the big questions and see life a bit differently. "

"What’s incredibly interesting about Battle at Beaver Creek is... the general intelligence and entertainment of this very good movie." 

Amy gave Battle at Beaver Creek FOUR STARS!

Thanks, Amy!

You can read her full review here 

Check out this insightful review from the Zombie Media Database!

Yes, you heard right. Thanks ZMDB!

"It would be fascinating to see this film with a much bigger budget. There are a number of zombie moments early on. The acting was fairly good in here. The pacing of the movie was well done. But this film with a larger budget would have really rocked the house. But Battle At Beaver Creek still stands out as an entertaining movie and merits a rating of 6 out of 10." 

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